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Welcome to our world !!

Hi there !!  My names Tsuyoshi Oyama.

I ‘m 45-year’s old, born in 1970.


Design the image of the fantastic the “beauty of the jewelry” when removed or when it is worn. The feelings shape and feel comfortable but also to “feel comfortable to wear”, and that you have created the jewelry that was in that person. The focus on that in addition to the design image of hand-painted, it is an early adopter of the CAD system that specializes in jewelry, jewelry according to image is completed. So far we feel the gap more or less of it for you to consent only sketches of several points in contact with our customers to be able to deliver the jewelry reform that can be safe and more delicate in that it met this CAD system I’m sure the. This is what you can see freely from any direction 360 degrees on the monitor screen jewelry that is image, image of the finished after going swell rapidly. You are the most important that you get satisfied prototype precise that it connects 3D printer (molding machine) the CAD data is ready, also, remove the anxiety of the finish of the visitor in such jewelry reform particularly delicate.



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