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Nice to meet you. 

Nice to meet you.  My name Is Yoshhisa sato


I am a 51-year-old, born 1964 that the president piecing jewelry industry of family business founded in 1971.

I came to the jewelry design in 3D-CAD touch the personal computer in the WINDOWS95 an opportunity that was released in 1995.
Also, since I started to make a prototype of jewelry in 3D printer from that time there is Karekore 20 years of experience.


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↑ Photo middle of person XYZprinting CEO Mr.Simon shen

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↑ I have provided the 3D jewelry data at the time of the optical shaping apparatus Nobelannouncement to XYZprinting.

Also if there is edge to purchase the 3D printer da Vinci Jr of XYZprinting first in Japan and has been various design.

da Vinci Jr will be able to enjoy anyone easy 3D printing with a personal 3D printer, but it is not easy to make a 3D data using the 3D-CAD.

Where I came up to be sold in $ 1 of affordable data for the da Vinci Jr as who can enjoy the DIY in a more easily 3D printer.

Please enjoy the easy 3D printing because we are now selling the data of jewelry designers and various da Vinci Jr for Japan’s digital Jewellery Association!

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